Handmade Blazing treats

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Blazing Trail Bandana


100% cotton. Wash at or below 40°C. If the prints starts wearing out, HK will personally freshen up and redo the prints cost free. The fabric stretches just enough so you don't have to re-tighten it when it gets sweaty and it gives back just enough so it doesn't feel uncomfortable when you mount it on your head the first time.

Want one? Text HK @ +47 928 41 558 and you will get it next time you show up at Stirsdag

Sky Blazers Bandana

2020 Training Calendar (Poster)

We have designed a week-by-week, day-by-day calendar to let you get a full overview of the whole year on a single piece of paper.

Better than that, how about it being a cool looking poster? The size is 50 × 70 cm and you can print on any large format printer.

Download it for free TrainingCalendar20_500x700.pdf (PDF — 582 kb)
Sky Blazers 2020 Training Calendar

GPX tracks

A list of the most popular trails in Oslo, by