A short intro about us

Sky Blazers is an international sky, trail and ultrarunning team with pro and amateur runners. It traces its origins back to 2015 when three friends (Felipe, Hans Kristian and Johannes), decided to participate in the Tromsø Sky Race that same year. Ever since, this group of friends have grown to have more and more people of all ages and nationalities willing to explore the limits of the body and mind in amazing landscapes.

Felipe, Johannes and Hans Kristian on the start line of Tromsø Skyrace.
2nd August 2015, where it all began. From the top of Fjelheisen before the start of Tromsø Skyrace. Left to right: Felipe, Johannes and Hans Kristian.

Oslo, our backyard

We run and train in all the surrounding woodlands and trails of Oslo.

We also organise runs every Tuesday, the famously known Stirsdagcheck it out.

Where else can you find us?

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